Analysis North Services

Software Development

Analysis North has developed a wide variety of software related to building energy use and data acquistion. We were the original developer of the AkWarm Home Energy Rating and Commerical Building Energy Analysis software, owned by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. This Visual Basic .Net application is the official Home Energy Rating software for the State of Alaska and has been used by hundreds or Energy Raters and Energy Analysts. We are currently on contract to the Cold Climate Housing Research Center to maintain and upgrade that software. Further information about the software is available from the AkWarm 2 Download Page.

Analysis North has developed web applications for collecting and analyzing building energy use and environmental data. These projects are discussed in the next section and use the versatile and productive Python programming language. We also have developed custom data acquistion hardware using the C programming language for embedded microcontrollers and the Python language for programming small Linux computers such as the Raspberry Pi.

Data Acquisition and Analysis Projects

Analysis North has designed and installed a number of data acquisition and data analysis projects related to building energy use and general facility monitoring. The data acquistion systems for the projects generally provide real-time data available on the Internet. The systems use wireless sensor systems or low-cost Linux computers and data acquisition hardware combined with custom software written by Analysis North. Recent projects include:

Analysis North also designed and commericalized the battery-powered Runtime DataWatcher datalogger, optimized for recording the hourly runtime of boilers, furnaces, hot water heaters, and electrical appliances. While currently not in production, information on the product is available here.

Economic Analysis

Analysis North has extensive experience analyzing the costs and benefits of energy projects, including design optimization based on life-cycle cost techniques. For three years we have provided economic review of projects seeking funding from Alaska's Renewable Energy Fund. We have also performed benefit/cost analysis of a number of multi-million dollar electric utility projects, including power plants and transmission lines.

Analysis North teamed with Alaska Map Science to create the economic model used by General Communication Inc. (GCI) to win $41 million in a federal auction for providing 3G Wireless service to Alaska Native and U.S. Tribal lands.

Free Energy Analysis Software

Free energy analysis software written by Analysis North is Available Here.