AkWarm Download

This is the page that allows you to download and install the AkWarm 2 Home Energy Rating software, owned by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. Analysis North is on contract to the Cold Climate Housing Research Center to upgrade and maintain AkWarm. More information concerning the software can be found here.

Here is a Detailed List of the Changes implemented in each of the AkWarm 2 versions.

Download AkWarm 2.12.0 (39 MB)

This program contains both the AkWarm Residential Rating software and the AkWarm Commercial Audit software.

Software Requirements and Installation

Important Notes

Training Materials

Here is a Link to a Video that explains how to set up Usage Schedules for equipment and building spaces in the Commercial version of AkWarm.

Older AkWarm Releases

Below are links to the installer software for older versions of AkWarm 2. If you wish to install one of these versions, you must first manually uninstall your current AkWarm software by using the Windows Control Panel. Then, run the installer software for the desired older version.

Please see the What's New in AkWarm 2 page for descriptions of the new features present in each of these AkWarm versions.

Here is the link to download the original AkWarm 1.03d release.

Please report any comments regarding the software to Michael Spencer at AHFC.