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About this Program

Design Heat Loss Analysis

This online program allows you to calculate the design heat loss for a home, which can be used to properly size a heating system for the home. The program requires you to have an AkWarm Home Energy Rating computer file for the home of interest. The AkWarm file contains information about the insulating levels, air tightness, and other important thermal characteristics of the home.

If you do not have an AkWarm file, you can still see how this program works by downloading a sample AkWarm file here. After clicking the link, choose the "Save" option from the dialog box that pops up to save the sample file to your hard disk. Then, click the "Browse" button below to select and use the AkWarm file you just downloaded.

Step 1: Upload AkWarm File

In this step, the AkWarm file for the home is uploaded.

AkWarm File:   Help
Click the browse button to choose an AkWarm file to upload. Note that the "Calculate" process must be completed in the AkWarm program before using the file in this program.